Saturday, January 30, 2010

A trip to the source of the truth

Percy Zvomuya reviews Mukoma wa Ngugi's new novel, Nairobi Heat, and concludes that the novel's "biggest triumph is the way it forces us to re-examine accepted narratives and received truths. It shows us how cynically minded people won't hesitate to extract money from the skeletons of a genocide even as horrific as the one in 1994."
I love this; I love whatever discourse that forces me to rethink all accepted truths, whatever makes me even question what I know, and ask with Montaigne, Que sais-je? What do I know?
Look at what wa Ngugi is doing here, according to Percy: "Ishmael finds himself in the heat of "Nairobbery", where the bulk of this thriller is set." Ha ha ha, Nairobbey! You get it? What a literary morsel. Here's the whole review gist.

Anyway, please go get your own copy at

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