Friday, January 29, 2010

Baptizing the Gun - Uwem Akpan

Uwem Akpan has come out with a new fiction titled "Baptizing the Gun."
Here's a taste:
"After an oil fire killed hundreds of my fellow swamp-dwellers in the Niger Delta, after the mass burials, after negotiating with the leaders of the scores of tribes that make up our church to insure that everybody’s burial ritual was represented during our week of mourning, I came to Lagos two days ago to visit some rich parishes and beg for aid. Now I’m staying at my brother’s place in Ikotun and driving his car. This morning, to my brother’s surprise, I had already sniffed out the black-market petrol crooks. I told him the fuel scarcity wasn’t going to stop me. I dipped my fingers into the liquid they were selling out of huge jars and smelled it—before buying. I sure know Lagosians, and Grandpa used to say, “If you know the people, you know the place.”

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