Friday, January 8, 2010

Have you read this?

This is one of the things I love so much about my people, Nigerians: their casual inventiveness, the poetry of everyday life. Ach, ach, I wish we had a government. Anyway enjoy this, courtesy of Naijablob:

A new word has been added to the Oxford Dictionary...

Mutallab;n : A rich kid who attempts to throw his life away for silly reasons. Synonyms- 'Idiot, Ode,' Usage Examples: 'Are you a Mutallab? ' 'Stop this Mutallabness.' 'Get out of the road you Muta-Muta.'

Local Dialect Use>'Wo ma Mutallab ori e', 'Commot... for......diaaaa! Mutallab oshi', 'Aga ma Mutallab isi gi kita kita'

Accepted abbreviation> Mu- Mu

I love what Jeremy Weate of Naijablog is doing. One day he will compile a Nigerian urban dictionary.

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