Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dreams in a Time of War

You heard it right! Ngugi’s memoir, Dreams in a Time of War, is coming out in Spring. I really look forward to it and to the kind of discourse it will create with Achebe’s The Education of a British Protected Child, and of course Soyinka’s Ake, You Must Set Forth at Dawn. I can’t wait to lay my hand on it.
Anyway, while we wait, here is a great interview Ngugi granted to Ellah Allfrey, Granta’s Deputy Editor. He talks about …, well take a listen. Just beautiful.
By the way, I love the title, Dreams in a Time of War. It is poetry. What else can we do, we, the children of a silent God, we, who have refused to be the wretched of the earth. No, we are not wretched, we are immensely rich. Just allow us to dream.Great interview, thanks to
Ellah Allfrey.

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