Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to enjoy 'Tropical Fish'

This is my review-essay on Doreein Baingana's Tropical Fish. The books is so good that I had to come up with two titles, one for the book: "How to enjoy Tropical Fish"; the other for the author, "Why I love Doreen Baingana." I do, I do, I do. Boy, she's good. The writer in me tempts me to envy her her mastery of words, but the philosopher in me forces me to piece together the many powerful ideas wrapped in the phrasing of those words.

This is how the Pambazuka people introduced the essay:
"Chielo Zona Eze praises Doreen Baingana's 'Tropical Fish: Stories out of Entebbe', describing Baingana as a 'clever wizard who conjures a world of possibilities in the reader’s mind'." ENJOY!

NB: Some part of the essay has been published elsewhere, the other part was first given in a speech on African literature at Princeton. The more scholarly part will appear in my upcoming book on moral imaginations in African literature and culture.

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