Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teju Cole Mesmerizes America

Taylor Antrim is truly excited about Teju Cole's novel, Open City.
"In its patient, cumulative way, the novel paints a startlingly dim picture of our present moment, our age of permeable borders and teeming heterogeneous cities. Julius looks like the bright side of globalism—born in Africa to a German mother and Nigerian father, educated in New York, now one year from his medical degree—but he feels off-step, adrift. The closer he looks at the world around him, the more callousness and anomie he finds—qualities the reader can't help but see, as the novel proceeds, in Julius himself."
He concludes, like many other reviewers:
"It’s the most thoughtful and provocative debut I’ve read in a long time."

I have read a number of things written by Teju. The guy is terribly smart, and he is an accomplished artist. I can't wait to lay my hands on Open City.

Congratulations, Teju.

And this is an EXCERPT. Just two chapters. Beautiful.

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