Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is Illuminating about Adichie’s ‘The Danger of a Single Story’?

You have always wanted to know what I'm loving about the new African literature? The discourse is getting more complex, more nuanced, more critical. People's voices are becoming more pronounced, stronger and more individual. Did you know that Petina Gappah has launched an all-out war against the sentimental hogwash about authentic African writing and African writers? Param pam pam paaaa.. I'm loving it.
Her's an interesting essay by Nnorom Azuonye on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's critique of the Western single story of Africa:
"She went on and on and on with one example after another of this thing she called a Single Story that I suddenly stopped the playback and asked myself; is Chimamanda’s theory of a Single Story a rechristening of Stereotyping, of Branding, of Methodising, of Pigeonholing, of Typecasting, etc? It appeared so"
Enjoy the rest of the essay.

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  1. Mr. Eze! Thanks for all the work you do with your posts. I appreciate your work! This essay by Mr. Azuonye was very revealing. I saw the video of Ms. Adichie and she was very self assured about her understanding of the "single story". As an African American, I certainly understand this "single story" because I see it regularly and try not to live it. I believe she is coming of age in her understanding of the world and how stereotyping people just creates barriers to understanding. I like that she sees this and is aware that it can happen to any of us. Now I need to read her books. Again, thanks and keep the posts coming!! Blessings