Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Between Kan and Cole... revisiting Lagos, Nigerian writers' most re-imagined city

Anote Ajeluorou is a vibrant and tireless literary journalist. Now you see his name in Nigerian Guardian, the next time you read his excellent article elsewhere, like this one, in Nigerian Daily News. In this fine resume of the literary activities organized by one of the really good Nigerian publishers, Cassava Republic, Anote draws our attention, among other issues, to the importance of Lagos in Nigeria's literary imagination. Here he goes:
"It was Jeremy Weate, co-founder of Cassava Republic, who, while moderating the reading session, raised the searching questions about how faithful and encompassing writers have fared in capturing the entirety of nuances of Lagos life. While Kan believes Lagos is not under-written, Cole disagrees. Kan thinks since fiction started in Nigeria, Lagos has featured prominently in the works such writers like Ekwensi, Soyinka and Achebe and the other younger writers that followed over the years."
Enjoy the rest of the article here.

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