Monday, December 14, 2009

After the Storm: NLNG Poetry Prize’s Report and Matters Arising

Sorry, friends, I nearly missed this one. E.E.Sule is one of the few African literature professors whose opinions I take seriously. He has many interesting things to say about the latest literary award fiasco in Nigeria, the so-called NLNG Literary award. Mind you, this award hands a whopping $50.000 dollars to the winner. Good Lawd! But like all things Nigeria - I should actually say most things Nigeria- the prize has never been taken seriously. The latest attempt was fumbled.
Anyway, here is what E.E. Sule has to say:"the panel of judges had earlier released a long list of nine, with the promise that a shortlist would follow, but the shortlist, eagerly awaited, never came. Though it seemed unusual for some, the generality of contemporary literary minds in Nigeria waited fervently for the winner."
Please read the whole thing HERE. Beautiful, powerful analysis.

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