Thursday, June 30, 2011

Africa’s imaginary Gay crisis - Ebenezer Obadare

"A SPECTRE is haunting Africa - the spectre of homosexuality. But it is an unusual spectre: it does not exist. It is a phantom. Over the past decade, a curious and totally unlikely coalition of religious leaders, the ruling class, and sections of the mainstream media, has launched a vigorous campaign against homosexuality and perceived homosexuals. Trading in the most spiteful rhetoric and symbols imaginable, members of this alliance have sung from the same hymn book, affirming, implausibly, that homosexuality is a recent import intoAfrica, and that homosexuals are responsible for the continent’s postcolonial throes."

I enjoyed this essay. I thought you might. ENJOY


  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. I would have missed it without the link but am happy to see someone talking some sense on the issue!

  2. Interesting article but a serious error. Martin Ssempa is Ugandan not Zimbabwe. In fact I wonder if Obadare really means Uganda and Nigeria rather than Zimbabwe?