Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writing as a way of relating to others

I almost missed this great piece by Molara Wood. She explores Unoma Azuah writing and being. I love the piece for several reasons which have little to do with the fact that I admire Unoma and Molara's writings. Unoma's approach to literature reminds me of mine. Literature is there to make us connect to others; it is there to allow us to put ourselves in other people's shoes, to imaginatively reconstruct the others' lives. Since I happen to be heterosexual due to some genetic combination, I have never felt attracted to a person of my sex. Literature allowed me to put myself in the shoes of those who feel sexually attracted to persons of the same sex. Literature allowed me to understand that the issue is not that they will it, but that it is just the way they are. I have to deal with it. Just like I wake up dreaming of a hug from a woman, they wake up dreaming of hugs from people of same sex. I have to put myself in their positions.
Great piece, Molara.

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