Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Oil Spills We Don't Hear About

Anene Ejikeme pens a beautiful Op-Ed in The New York Times about the other forgotten oil spills especially in Nigeria. Many Americans do not know that their oil spill is just a hint of what happens in the Niger Delta where most of their oil comes from. Surely they wouldn't like to hear about that because it doesn't concern them. They are, after all, only rugged individuals, who are concerned about only their business, and who are supposed to have all pulled themselves by their bootstraps even when it involved denying others boots.
Thanks Anene.

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  1. heartbreakingly deplorable! its natural for any nation to focus on disasters that occur near or within its boundaries, but the way american and international media outlets have oversaturated the airwaves with this single story is journalistically irresponsible. it IS a major story, but ecological atrocities occur throughout the world daily...

    journalistic integrity is a dying concern within the realms of the media service.

    thank you for providing this information; the new york times article might appear in a handful of other major newspapers in america, but there are hundreds of regional newspapers where this story simply will not be made available to its readers.