Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lola Shoneyin's flights of poetry

"Shoneyin soon stepped forward amidst thunderous applause and off she took her audience on a poetic flight, as she treated them to an outpouring of poem after poem. She read from her two previous collections, ‘So All Along I Was Sitting On An Egg' and ‘Songof a Riverbird'. Among the pieces read from these were: ‘She Tried', ‘Blessed Brassiere', ‘Diplomatic Lipservice', ‘What's Going On', ‘Jilted Jack', ‘Counterfeit Marriage' and ‘Epitaph'.

The night belonged to the newest volume, of course. From ‘For the Love of Flight', Shoneyin performed ‘Bath Day', ‘Fancy', ‘Distance', ‘Multiply', ‘The Diviner's Hand', ‘Split Reed at Water Front' and ‘For Kiitan' - a long, and touching poem in honour of motherhood. Using her own experience, ‘For Kiitan' narrated the travails of a mother loss of a full-term pregnancy."

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