Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Questions for Desmond Tutu

I love honest people. Oh, yes, I love them to bits. I even tend to worship them when they are in positions of power, political or moral. I read somewhere that Nelson Mandela is Africa's moral capital. I think this is true; we thinkers and writers can really build upon that man's candor and insight. The next Africa's moral capital is Desmond Tutu. This is a guy you've got to love regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof. Just consider how he approaches the issue of the so-called single story the West has woven around Africa. Rather than blame the West, what does he say? Oh, yes, your guess is correct: "Well, part of it is true. You have bad governments." (I swear he has Nigeria in mind. A fucked-up country).
consider again the issue of gays and lesbians, an issue in which the Ugandan government has wasted precious time and energy in the past months.
Anyway, read Desmond Tutu's responses to a wide array of questions posed to him. He is a saint, isn't he? And a gift to Africa. And of course, a moral capital. And a simple human.

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