Saturday, April 20, 2013

Opinion: Don’t be deceived – Chimamanda Adichie is no Achebe

Has Adichie stolen Achebe's legacy? Okezie J. S. Nwoka seems to believe so. Question for Okezie J.S. Nwoka: When did Achebe patent his legacy? Well, it does appear that his arguments need some more support. Anyway, read:

"I humbly submit that Adichie has stolen the legacy of a literary giant for the sake of her own personal self-advancement.  Adichie has hijacked the literary memory of Chinua Achebe.  She has done this through the construction of a parasitic Achebe Complex that is made evident through her words and through her work.  From the onset, Adichie has claimed to have a special connection with Achebe, yet a critical analysis of her writing tells a different story.  She finds significance in the fact that she once lived in the same home that Achebe did.  However, what good is that fact when her work continually misses the mark— the mark set by Achebe’s high standards?"


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