Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets

Those who entered for the 2012 The Sillerman First Book for African Poets must have by now received an email informing them of the winner of the prize: Clifton Gachugua. In their email, they must have read that Mr. Gachugua's manuscript: " achieves what is necessary in African poetry: it feels as African as Africanness can be, and wholly contemporary and in our moment."

Here is the reaction of one of my fellow losers to Clifton Gachuga, Joe Mgani.
"This information came to me in an email from The Sillerman First Book for African Poets informing me that I had not won the poetry prize for which I had submitted my poems, that I had lost it to Clifton Gachagua and they went ahead to heap lots of praise to his collection saying  those things that poetry critics say about poetry collections that are as cryptic as the poems themselves and that do very little to explain the poems to a poetry layman and that create a delighting confusion in heads like mine."


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