Thursday, October 27, 2011

African Writers Trust

What is African Writers Trust?

Established in 2009, African Writers Trust is a non-profit entity which seeks to coordinate and bring together African writers in the Diaspora and writers on the continent to promote sharing of skills and other resources, and to foster knowledge and learning between the two groups. AWT is governed by an Advisory Board and administered by the Director. It is assisted by a working group and volunteers. It is operational in London, United Kingdom and in Kampala, Uganda, where it’s registered as a company limited by guarantee. AWT’s activities and programmes are sponsored through donor funding, friends, philanthropists and supporters of African writing.


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  1. Thanks for the notice. AWT has been busy lately, doing a lot on the ground in East Africa. More to come, we all hope. A summary of the past three years is available as a downloadable fact sheet from the AWT site.

    Thanks again.