Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who speaks for Black Africa?

At least one writer has realized that African writers/thinkers have argued/written us all into an ideological blind alley. This is largely because the trajectory of our thought world has been directed towards meeting the gaze of the white man. Things Fall Apart is all about matching Heart of Darkness roar for roar. With very few exceptions, African discourse world has been primed to answer questions raised by the white man, not really questions Africans themselves raise. It is little wonder that our writings have been apologies that shape-shift from blame on one hand, and to horrifying portrayal of Africans as lacking agency, on the other. Writers have chosen to deify Africa's victimhood.
Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble. I thought I should present this cool piece by our gadfly, Ikhide.

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  1. I stumbled onto this site, and am very glad. It's refreshing to read about African writers and their works.
    Re: this post, I wonder what are the questions Africans need to raise that are not in reaction to the 'white' man?

    I believe Africans/blacks are bombarded with propaganda with how Africa is viewed. Mainstream media will not praise the beauty of Africa. They are more interested in maintaining a sorrowful image. We are made to think that Africa is bare of anything good, yet I'm understanding that people have been going there to get precious minerals and even trying to buy land.

    The many writings of victim hood perhaps is a true experience that these writers need to express, but I wonder when does it become an idea that the 'white' world would like to see maintained and secured. If Africa remains in victim hood, then yes all it's preciousness and culture will be taken away w/o protest.

    Today there are more smoother forms of colonization. Colonization of the mind...

    So how can we get un-brain-washed? What are the questions that should be asked?? And like Iklehoe writes, what are the truths that should be revealed, ie. the goodness of Africa and it's peoples and the 'white' mans' savagery...

    Thank you!