Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to Lagos - Ikhide's Ethics and Aesthetics

This guy made my Sunday with his piece on the BBC documentary: Welcome to Lagos.
An excerpt:
"The BBC deserves major kudos for its excellent documentary ‘Welcome to Lagos’ which shines a big light on the open sores of Lagos (apologies to Soyinka, who has reacted angrily to the piece, calling it patronising and condescending). Soyinka should reconsider his views. The BBC deserves credit for having the courage to damn the consequences and put out what was obviously going to be controversial. The Nigerian poor were empowered to open their doors and hearts to the world and revel in their humanity, warts and all. It was a triumph of the human spirit over the meanness of those sworn to care for all of us."

Beautiful piece, bro Ikhide.

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