Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daughters of Eve and Other Tedious Tales

Nigeria, it appears, is the world capital of anthologies: Anthology of short stories, anthology of short poems, anthology of new writers, new writers anthology, anthology of surviving ANA members, anthology of neglected authors, anthology of bowlegged authors, oh boy.
While many people would want to celebrate this as a sign of the much anticipated renaissance of creative spirit in Nigeria, Ikhide Ikheloa says, ee ehh, mbaa, not so fast brothers and sisters.
He takes on one of the series of anthologies as an example of what should not be done. Here is a taste of his judgment:

"Daughters of Eve and Other New Short Stories from Nigeria is an anthology of Nigerian short stories edited by Dr. Emma Dawson and published by Critical, Cultural and Communications Press (CCCP), Nottingham, UK. [...]
This is an anthology so bad, I almost resolved to give [...]up reading and reviewing books. It is becoming an unbearable ordeal. Why did I read this book?"

I think that what our dear Ikhide is suggesting here is that it is often better to remain hungry rather than eat something that would induce you to vomit? Did I get him right?
Anyway, read the entire review. ENJOY!

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