Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Not to Write a Novel

Niyi Ige reviews T.M. Aluko's novel, Our Born Again President, and suggests that it is a perfect example of how not to conceive of a novel.
A sample of Niyi's judgment:
"There are far too many clich├ęs and the characters are one dimensional. The narrator, Steven - a top civil servant and principal secretary to both Sir Angus and latterly, David Tanbata, - permits us to view the transformation of David Tanbata at close quarters but provides little in the way of insight or complexity. It is all too predictable and that is sad because the plot might have had greater possibilities than what T.M Aluko has bequeathed us; and the characters certainly might have been better realised. He has settled for a rather basic morality tale and the book is all the poorer for it."

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