Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Commonwealth Writers Prize Fallout: Helon Habila Asks, “Is Nigeria’s Publishing Industry Dead?”

Helon Habila raises an important question that has been disturbing me and prodding my fingers to caress my keyboard ever since I read the news of this year's Commonwealth Writers' Prize shortlist. Only one Nigerian is present. All the rest are South Africans. But please don't rejoice yet. That Nigerian doesn't reside in Nigeria and the book was not produced in Nigeria either. So, it is only right that Habila raises this all important question: Is Nigerian Publishing Industry Dead? Thank God the question is not whether writing talent is lacking in Nigeria. This is a question that must be answered by all those responsible for the largely phony literary prizes that are awarded in Nigeria. Phony, I say. And one of them is supposed to weight as much as $50.000 dollars. Good Gracious!

by the way please read Habila's original words HERE

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