Friday, May 28, 2010

China’s subtle, silent invasion

Salisu Suleiman alerts thinking Africans to the imbalance inherent in the Chinese relation to Africa. Is it a new form of colonialism? Taking a quick look at Africa's intellectual history, it does appear that over the last fifty years, African intellectuals have invested much of their energies addressing the white man, but not much in challenging, on the one hand, various forms of inequalities and unfairness in the existing African systems, and on the other, African leaders to invest in their people. The result has been our experience of the Age of Ressentiment that failed to put Africa on the path of creative engagement with reality.
Salisu's reflection reminds us of what happens when such a vacuum is allowed to exist for long. Here he writes:
"Wherever there is a vacuum - economic or political, outside forces will move in. It is only a matter of time before the true shade of Chinese intentions in Africa, beyond raw materials emerges. The Chinese invasion is subtle and silent but salient. You only realise it when everything you see is tagged, ‘Made in China’."
Wise words. thank you Salisu.

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